Seawall Construction Fairfield Ct

Erosion is a common issue with properties along Long Island Sound from storm surges as well as daily wave action. Not only will you lose property to the sea but your property value will go down as well. Constructing a seawall is the answer. For seawall construction in Fairfield Ct look to Salt of the Earth, Inc. We provide design and construction services as well as repairs.

Why Does Your Shoreline Property Need a Seawall?

If you do not protect your shoreline property from constant erosion you will have less property with a lower value as your land is washed out to sea by the waves and especially by the occasional storm. If your home or business is close to the shoreline you may see damage to your foundation as well. Severe flooding is a common result of not having a seawall to protect your shoreline property.

What Kind of Seawall Do You Need?

The kind of seawall that you need will depend on where your property is located and how that affects the force of the sea on the shoreline. A seawall with large concrete blocks can be set down to bedrock or deep into the soil if your property is subject to the strongest waves. An good choice for areas with less wave action as a seawall mode of boulders and rocks. Riprap works well for areas with minor wave action. This is a collection of small and large rocks along with concrete blocks. You can plant these areas to give a natural appearance along the shoreline. Riprap is also useful on the seaward side of concrete block seawalls as it reduces the likelihood of the seawall being undercut by wave action.

We will evaluate your situation and then give recommendations that fit your requirements. Our services include an assessment, comprehensive design of the seawall, and construction including drainage solutions to prevent environmental stresses on your seawall and sinkholes. The choice of a large dry boulder wall, a concrete wall, or small stone mortar seawall will depend on the specifics of your property.

Seawall Styles

We realize that you want your seawall to do its work and also add to the attractiveness of your property. So, we take the style of the seawall into consideration when creating the design. And, seawall style is not just about how it looks. We may add curves to a seawall to help deflect wave action and reduce damage at the base of the seawall. To get the greatest protection we may secure a gravity seawall to rocks or bedrock with piles. This makes certain that the seawall can stand up to the strongest storm surges as well as daily wave action.

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