Seawall Construction Milford Ct

If you do not protect your shoreline property in Long Island Sound you will slowly but surely lose it and meanwhile see its economic value diminish as well. You can protect your property with a seawall. We offer design and construction for new seawalls and also provide repairs for existing seawalls in Long Island Sound and along the lower Hudson River.

Why Does Your Property Need a Seawall?

The future of unprotected shoreline property is erosion, a smaller lot, and a less valuable home or business. Homes and businesses next to the shoreline can suffer damage to their foundations and suffer flooding when there is no seawall to protect the property from storm surges. To maintain the attractiveness of your property and its resale value, invest in a seawall.

What Kind of Seawall Do You Need?

The location of your property and the forces of nature that bear on it will determine the kind of seawall that you need. For maximum protection, large concrete blocks can be set down to the bedrock or deep within the soil. If your shoreline is exposed to less violent wave action, a seawall composed of rocks and boulders is usually sufficient. A riprap seawall works well for areas that are exposed to only mild wave action. Riprap is a collection of concrete blocks as well as large and small rocks. When this type of seawall is planted with shrubs and trees it gives the appearance of a natural shoreline. When riprap is added to the ocean side of a more substantial seawall it protects the base of that seawall from being undercut over the years by the action of waves.

We will check out your property and then give you recommendations to fit your needs. Our services include assessment of the property, design of your seawall, and construction. When needed, this will include drainage solutions to prevent sinkholes and environmental stresses. The choice of a concrete seawall, a large dry boulder seawall, or a small stone mortar seawall will depend on the specifics of your property.

Seawall Styles

We will design and build seawall to add to the attractiveness of your property as well as to protect it. Seawall style is not just about how it looks. For example, we frequently add curves to a seawall to deflect wave which in turn reduces damage to the base of the seawall. For maximum protection we commonly secure a gravity seawall to rocks or bedrock with piles. We do this so that the seawall will stand up to strong storm surges as well as daily wave action. The design that we provide you with will be tailored to your property and your budget.

For a seawall to protect your Milford Ct shoreline property, within Long Island Sound or along the Hudson River, contact Salt of the Earth, Inc.

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