Seawall Construction Old Saybrook CT

A seawall prevents flooding that can cause damage to your property in Old Saybrook, CT. Salt of the Earth Inc. is the leading builder of sea walls.. We have the skills and experience to work on your seawall construction project.

Hire Professionals to Build Your Seawall

  • We are fully equipped and will take precautionary and safety measures as we work on your seawall construction project. Our team of highly-skilled professionals has all the necessary safety equipment. What’s more? In case of an accident, you don’t have to worry because we are insured.
  • We use stones and concrete to build seawalls to ensure the structures are long-lasting. Also, the materials we use enable our seawalls to stand up to the most violent storm surge.
  • We will build you a seawall that controls soil erosion on your property, keeping your landscape beautiful while maintaining a buffer between your property and the water.
  • Salt of the Earth Inc. never compromises on quality or cut corners. Salt of the Earth Inc. strives to exceed the expectations of its customers.
  • We will build a seawall that will increase the value of your property.
  • With years of experience, our team knows the rules and legal formalities you have to follow when constructing a seawall on your property.

Construction of Sea Wall

The physical design of seawalls is highly variable. Essentially, they can either be vertical or sloping and made from a range of materials. Seawalls range in type and size, and the most long-lasting ones are those constructed using stones and concrete. Seawalls need proper design and construction supervision. That’s why you need to hire professionals to work on your seawall project.

Because these structures protect the shoreline from erosion due to waves, we build sturdy seawalls. Also, the texture of the walls and design have a significant impact on the performance of your wall. Irregular surfaces disperse the wave direction. On the other hand, the smooth surface is designed to reflect the wave energy.

When building our seawalls, we ensure that they have a deep foundation; this enhances their stability. Additionally, we will install sinkholes in your walls, as this will reduce the effect of environmental wall stresses and prevent sinkholes.

Moreover, our team will bury earth anchors deep into your land and connect them with rods to the wall. In turn, this will help it overcome pressure caused by the landward side.

How Deep Should Seawalls Be?

The depth of seawalls varies from 4-10 ft or more; this depends on several factors. The inland walls do not need to go far into the ground. Keep in mind that different materials require different depths.

What Determines the Cost of a Seawall?

The following factors will impact the cost of your seawall project:

  • The type of material used
  • The length of your seawall
  • The height of your seawall
  • Access to the seawall project site
  • Soil conditions

Need professionals to work on your seawall construction project? Why not drop us a line?

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