“Salt of the Earth”noun |ˈsȯlt of ˈərth Those who are decent, dependable and unpretentious those of great worth and reliability basic, fundamental goodness.

Eg: Basic,fundamental goodness; the phrase can be used to describe any simple, good person: “I like Mary: she’s reliable, trustworthy, and straight forward; she’s the salt of the Earth.”

  • Serving, and fully licensed and insured in, New York and Connecticut
  • We can facilitate your project by obtaining all the necessary permits
Salt of the Earth is known for: 

  • Experience
  • Reliability
  • Courtesy and professionalism
  • Construction that is built to last and also to enhance the beauty and value of your property
  • Successful completion of projects within pre-set timelines and scope
  • Flexibility in working within all budgets
  • Quality that endures coastal storms and seasonal weather fluctuations
  • Contact us for a free no-obligation estimate

Michael O’Connor, President Salt of the Earth,
Inc. 9 Lake Avenue Bedford, NY 10506
Phone: (646) 346-4916

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