• Residential and commercial applications
  • Specializing in stone and concrete
  • New constructions, repairs, and maintenance
  • Small stone mortar walls or large dry boulder walls – all stone applications catered for by our company
  • Drainage installed in newly constructed or existing walls, to avoid sinkholes and minimize impact of environmental wall stresses
    • Drainage methods:
    • Large stone dry walls typically use crushed stone and high strength woven fabric landside, while mortar stone walls and concrete walls may use weep holes, dependent on project and several important factors(including wall size, type, existing drainage and ground conditions on landward side)
  • Installation of coir logs and wetland plantings to prevent coastal erosion
  • We can obtain permits (state and local) and engineered drawings as required

We can accommodate your custom project –  large or small  – completed on time and within budget in a professional and courteous manner. Licensed and insured in New York and Connecticut.

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