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Do you long for a magazine-worthy yard? Do you want to up your curb appeal and increase the value of your home? With our landscape design in Connecticut, and in Westchester, NY, you can finally have the flawless yard you have dreamed about.

Our landscape design specialists are true experts at their craft, and they will work with you to create a yard that fits your needs, wants, and desires in every way.

At Salt of the Earth, we understand that your landscape design is a very personal decision, so we will give you as much input as you desire.

If you want us to craft a picture-perfect yard from the very beginning, we would love to share our ideas and help you envision what your yard will look like to make sure we are on the same page before we begin. Or, if you already know exactly what you want your CT landscape design to look like, we will simply execute your vision with our advanced landscaping skills.


Our landscape design in Connecticut, and Westchester is about making your yard just as functional as it is beautiful. As such, our landscape design services include much more than just sprucing up the mulch and planting some flowers.
When crafting the master plan for your Connecticut and Westchester landscape design, we will also include a comprehensive lighting and irrigation strategy to make sure every aspect of your yard needs is met. Along the way, we will work with you closely to ensure every detail of your yard is exactly how you want it.

Why We Are The Best

Salt of the Earth is a full-service landscaping company offering landscape design, patio, walkway & stonework design, and property maintenance. We provide service to both commercial and residential properties and have been doing business in the Connecticut, and Westchester, NY area for over a decade.

At Salt of the Earth Inc, we proudly create distinctive landscape designs that match your home or business. From carefully working with your surroundings and lifestyle, we design natural gardens, outdoor living spaces, pool surroundings, patios, walkways and more.
To keep your new landscape looking its best, we provide reliable residential and commercial services, including weekly lawn care, spring and fall cleanup as well as snow and ice management.


Our complete line of residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services range from lawn maintenance, mulching, plantings, new lawn installations, walkways, patios and major landscaping renovations. We see each and every project from start to finish and cater to each individual need. Your satisfaction with your landscape is our top priority.


Why should I hire a licensed & insured Landscape contractor?

Hiring a licensed and insured landscape contractor helps to protect you and your property. Hiring an unlicensed contractor can bring your project far more risks than savings. You can be held liable for on-the-job injuries, taxes or insurance.

You can be held responsible for complying with city and county codes or correcting problems with workmanship and warranties.

You can even be held liable for an unlicensed contractor’s illegal acts. Be sure to check their references as well before you hire them. It is always a good idea to ask for a written certificate of insurance from any contractor you choose to hire to verify that they have workers’ compensation, general liability & business auto insurance coverage currently in force; this is usually available upon request at no additional charge.

Workers’ compensation insurance protects you from liability in case a worker employed by the landscape contractor is injured on your property. General liability insurance protects against calamities such as floods or landslides caused by construction. Business automobile insurance provides additional protection when a contractor’s vehicle is involved in an accident on your property.

Why do I need a garden maintenance program?

Landscape maintenance includes mowing of lawn, edging areas bordered by sidewalks, curbs and driveways; removing clippings and organic material caused by mowing and edging from sidewalk, curbs, driveways and other surfaced areas; pruning bushes, shrubs and ornamental trees; trimming perennials, grasses and groundcovers; leaf removal and planting bed maintenance.
Most homeowners are too busy to provide the constant care usually necessary to maintain an attractive turf. An effective maintenance program involves fertilization, watering, mowing, and cultivation.

What does garden maintenance cost?

At Salt of the Earth, we can determine the cost for maintenance service based on the size of your lawn, planting beds and the amount of pruning required. We can have a look at your property to assess an estimate of cost for garden maintenance. We will survey your site, evaluate the property’s needs, and develop a proposal that is customized to your specific circumstances.

Why should I work with you for landscape design?

A professional landscape designer like us spends their life thinking about the subject; they come to your garden filled with knowledge, creative ideas and imagination to develop a custom design that is uniquely suited to your home, lifestyle and personal preferences. Landscape design is challenging from an artistic, environmental, architectural, engineering and horticultural viewpoint.

Unlike other art forms, a garden is not a static creation, but a dynamic, evolving ecosystem that requires continued inputs and energy over time. Its creation requires careful thought on different levels: botanically (which plants to choose), spatially (where to put what), seasonally (how will it look year-round?) and temporally (what will it look like in ten years?).

A landscape designer like Salt of the Earth factors all these things in and then adds an element of style that provides the spirit of the garden. By spending time with a landscape designer to work through the design details during the planning phase, you will save money and time, as it is less costly to consider the alternatives and change your mind on paper than it is during installation or after completion.

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