Seawall Construction Bridgeport Ct

The constant action of waves along the shoreline of Long Island Sound and recurring storms cause erosion. Not only does erosion steadily decrease the size of your property but its economic value as well. We offer seawall design and construction services for new projects and also repair existing seawalls in Long Island Sound and along the lower Hudson River.

Why Does Your Shoreline Property Need a Seawall?

The end result of not protecting shoreline property from the sea is that you will have less property with a lower value as the sea takes it away. Homes and businesses close to the shoreline will also suffer damage to their foundations. And, flooding is a common issue when there is no seawall to protect your property during storm surges. To maintain the beauty of your property as well as its resale value, a seawall is a common sense investment.

What Kind of Seawall Do You Need?

The type of seawall required will depend on the location of the property and the forces of the sea at that location. For the most protection large concrete blocks set down to the bedrock or deep into the soil is the best way to go. For shorelines with less forceful wave action a seawall constructed of rocks and boulders is sufficient. A riprap seawall works well for areas if you are exposed to only minor wave action. Riprap is a collection of large and small rocks plus concrete blocks. This kind of seawall can be planted to provide a natural appearance of the shoreline. Riprap is also used on the seaward side of concrete block seawalls to reduce undercutting of the seawall by the action of the waves.

We will evaluate your property and then provide you recommendations tailored to your needs. Our services include assessment, design of the seawall, and seawall construction. When needed this includes drainage solutions to help prevent sinkholes and environmental stresses on your seawall. The choice of a large dry boulder wall, a concrete wall, or small stone mortar seawall will depend on the specifics of your property.

Seawall Styles

We realize that you want your seawall to add to the attractiveness of your property as well as protect it. So, we take the style of the seawall into consideration when we develop the design. Seawall style is not just about appearances. We often add curves to the seawall to deflect wave action and cut back on damage at the base of the seawall. For maximum protection we often secure a gravity seawall to bedrock or rocks with piles. This ensures that the seawall will stand up to the strongest storm surges on top of daily wave action.

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