Seawall Repair Greenwich Ct

If your Greenwich, Ct shoreline property has a seawall you need to have it inspected and maintained so that it can do its job of stopping erosion and reduction of property value. Regular inspections will reveal cracks that can be easily repaired before whole chunks of seawall fall away with the next storm. And, if the seawall is settling that needs to be dealt with before stresses lead to greater damage. Without timely maintenance to your seawall you will sustain property damage and your property’s value will erode as well. For seawall repair Greenwich Ct uses Salt of the Earth, Inc. Our company provides seawall repair and construction services within Long Island Sound and along the Hudson River.

How Well Does Your Seawall Protect Your Greenwich Ct Shoreline Property?

A seawall of correct design and construction will protect your shoreline property for years. But, your seawall does not protect any property on the ocean side of the seawall. Seawalls that were not correctly designed or constructed can actually speed up erosion of your beach property due to its interaction with the tide or just because it separates the beach from the sand reserves on beach ridges and dunes inland. At Salt of the Earth, Inc. we provide the seawall repair Greenwich Ct needs.

What Sort of Seawall Does Your Greenwich Ct Property Have?

The best seawalls for the strongest wave action are ones built with large concrete blocks that are set deep into the soil or down to bedrock. For less forceful wave action, a good solution is one of rocks or boulders. For areas with even milder wave action small and large rocks along with concrete blocks, riprap, is an effective way to prevent erosion. Each of these types of seawall has its own potential problems over time. We will inspect yours and suggest the necessary repairs when they are inexpensive and easy to do.

For seawall repair in Greenwich Ct, contact Salt of the Earth, Inc.

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