Seawall Repair Milford Ct

Your Milford Ct property can have a seawall to prevent erosion and loss of property value but seawalls can become less effective over time. They often require maintenance to keep doing their job. Otherwise shoreline erosion takes away property and reduces your property value on Long Island Sound due to the actions of waves and storm surges. Our company offers seawall construction and repair services throughout Long Island Sound and along the lower Hudson River.

How Well Does Your Seawall Protect Your Shoreline Property?

When a seawall is correctly designed and properly constructed it will prevent property loss due to erosion. When there are design flaws or when the seawall was not built correctly, erosion can occur and the seawall may not stand up to the forces of nature and time. Sometimes seawalls can accelerate erosion instead of slowing it because of how they interact with the action of the waves at you location.At Salt of the Earth, Inc. we provide the seawall repair Milford Ct needs.

What Sort of Seawall Does Your Property Have?

For the most forceful wave action, the strongest seawall is one made of large concrete blocks set deep into the soil or even down to bedrock. If your property is exposed to less forceful wave action a good solution can be a seawall of rocks or boulders. For areas that are exposed to even less wave action, an assortment of concrete blocks mixed with small and large rocks is an effective way to cut back on erosion and property loss. This is called riprap. Many property owners like this solution because they can plant shrubs and trees in the riprap giving the shoreline a natural appearance. Riprap is frequently placed on the ocean side of a stronger seawall in order to keep the action of the tide from undercutting the seawall.

Seawall Styles and Seawall Repair

When your property requires seawall repairs, we come to your property to assess the situation. The only things that have made your seawall less effective may have been time and nature. However, we often find that the original design had flaws and those flaws have accelerated erosion despite your having a seawall. Seawall style is not just a matter of how it looks. As an example, a curve is commonly built into a seawall in order to redirect wave action and, in turn, cut back on damage at the seawall base. Gravity seawalls are usually secured to bedrock or with piles of rocks. This is done so that the seawall is sufficiently secure even against the strongest forces of the sea as well as the daily activity of waves. When your seawall needs repairs we will assess these issues and make the needed changes so that your seawall does its work protecting your property and stands the tests of time and tide in the years to come.

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