Seawall Repair Stamford Ct

Long Island Sound properties are subject to erosion from the forces of waves and surges that come with storms. Your property around Stamford, Ct may already have a seawall to prevent loss of land to the sea but seawalls can be prone to damage and require repairs. For seawall repair in Stamford Ct use Salt of the Earth, Inc. We provide seawall repair and construction services within Long Island Sound and along the Hudson River.

How Well Does Your Seawall Protect Your Shoreline Property?

Properly designed and constructed seawalls are physical barriers that prevent erosion and shoreline recession. However, the protection of a seawall does not extend to the remaining land or beach to the ocean side of the wall. In fact, an improperly designed seawall can accelerate erosion of beach property by affecting the action of the tide and separating the beach from its sand reserves on inland dunes or beach ridges. Furthermore, time and tide take their toll on seawalls making them less effective or even causing serious damage.

What Sort of Seawall Does Your Stamford Ct Property Have?

The best seawall style when your property experiences the strongest wave action is typically a seawall constructed from large concrete blocks that are set deep into the soil and even down to bedrock. For properties with slightly less wave action seawalls constructed of boulders or rocks are a good choice. For areas with mild wave action an assortment of small and large rocks along with concrete blocks, called riprap, can be sufficient to prevent erosion and loss of property. A nice feature of this approach is that you can plant shrubs and trees within the riprap, making it appear more like a natural shoreline. Riprap set at the outside base of a concrete block boulder seawall is an excellent way to prevent erosion on the ocean side of the more substantial wall and serves to protect the base of the seawall from damage.

Seawall Styles and Seawall Repair

If you need seawall repair, Salt of the Earth, Inc. will be pleased to come out to your property and assess your situation. Time and the forces of nature may be the only things that have caused your seawall to need repairs but sometimes the problem is the style of wall that you have. Seawall style is not just about how the seawall looks. Curved seawalls can be constructed to deflect wave action and reduce damage at the bottom of a seawall. Gravity seawalls are secured to bedrock or with rocks piles and make certain that the seawall is secure enough to resist the strongest storm surges as well as the normal action of waves. When your seawall is in need of repair we will assess these sorts of issues and make whatever changes are necessary to improve the ways that your seawall protects your property.

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