Seawall Repair West Haven CT

They will determine if the structure needs repair to keep it in tip-top condition. Salt of the Earth Inc. provides unparalleled seawall repair services in West Haven, CT. Our team has the skills, qualifications, and years of experience in this field. In turn, this allows us to offer seawall repair services with efficiency.

How Do I Know If My Seawall Needs Repair?

Regular inspection of your seawall by our team will help spot any signs of damage that need repair. With that in mind, here are some signs that your seawall needs repair.

Missing Chunks or Voids in Your Seawall

Cracks in the concrete can cause voids in your seawall. These cracks can result in the erosion of concrete and failure of your seawall. If your seawall is missing large chunks of concrete, you should call our team to come and inspect it immediately to assess the level of damage and determine if it needs repair.

Sinkholes or Settled Soil Along Your Seawall

If you see sinkholes or soil settling near or in the ground along your seawall, these are signs of erosion. Erosion is known to cause a pressure imbalance that will damage the seawall slab or result in seawall failure. Call us when you notice this. We will assess the problem and do repairs to prevent seawall failure.

Cracks in the Sea Wall or Seawall Cap

Cracks in your seawall or seawall cap could result in the exposure of your wall’s steel rebar reinforcement. Consequently, this can lead to failure or corrosion of your seawall.

If you notice any signs of exposure or corrosion, then it’s time to call Salt of the Earth Inc. Hiring our team to come and repair your seawall will mitigate further damage that can lead to failure and expensive replacement of your seawall.

Widening or Large Voids Between Seawall Slabs

If the gap between seawall slabs seems to be widening, or they are larger than those between slabs, that’s a sign of broken or weak joints. Essentially, this is often due to anchors failing, leading to your seawall cap cracking. The worst part is: It can lead to significant damage to seawall slabs.

Leaning In or Out, Cracks, Bowing, or Crooked Seawall

Your seawall slabs are under continuous stress and pressure. And a pressure imbalance can result in a slab leaning, bowing, or becoming misaligned. If you don’t call professionals to come and repair the slab to restore the pressure balance, the slab can buckle. In turn, this can lead to complete or partial seawall failure.

If you notice any signs of seawall damage, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Our services cover all areas in West Haven, CT.

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