Seawall Repair Westport Ct

Your shoreline property in Westport Ct may already have a seawall to prevent erosion and reduction of property value but seawalls need maintenance due to wear and tear over time. Without timely seawall repairs shoreline erosion will erode your property and reduce its value on Long Island Sound due to waves and storm surges. For seawall repair Westport Ct uses Salt of the Earth, Inc. Our company provides seawall construction and repair services within Long Island Sound and along the Hudson River.

How Well Does Your Seawall Protect Your Westport Ct Shoreline Property?

A properly designed and built seawall prevents erosion of your shoreline. But, a seawall does not protect property on the ocean side of the wall. Seawalls that were not correctly designed or constructed can actually accelerate erosion of your beach property because of how it interacts with the tide or simply because it separates the beach from the sand reserves on beach ridges and inland dunes. At Salt of the Earth, Inc. we provide the seawall repair Westport Ct needs.

What Sort of Seawall Does Your Westport Ct Property Have?

The best seawall for the strongest wave action is one built with large concrete blocks that are set deep into the soil or down to bedrock. For less forceful wave action, a sufficient solution is one of rocks or boulders. For areas with even milder wave action small and large rocks along with concrete blocks, riprap, is an effective way to prevent erosion. This approach, called riprap, can be planted on to give a natural appearance. Riprap can also be used on the ocean side of a more substantial seawall to prevent the waves from undercutting that wall.

Seawall Styles and Seawall Repair

When your property needs seawall repairs, Salt of the Earth, Inc. can come out to your property and assess the situation. The forces of time and nature may be the only things that have reduced the effectiveness of a seawall. But, if your original style was defective, changes in that style as well as simple repairs may be required.

For seawall repair in Westport Ct, contact Salt of the Earth, Inc.

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