Seawall Construction Greenwich Ct

A common issue with Long Island Sound shoreline property daily wave action and storm surges causing erosion. Besides losing land the sea, lower property value is a problem for Greenwich, Ct property owners. The remedy for this problem is to build a seawall. For seawall construction Greenwich Ct looks to Salt of the Earth, Inc. We offer seawall repair and new construction services for your properties in Long Island Sound and along the Hudson River.

Why Does Your Shoreline Greenwich Ct Property Need a Seawall?

Waves beating on the shore of your property and occasional storm surges cause erosion, loss of property to the sea and reduction of property value. Without a seawall to protect your land you will also see damage to the foundation of your home or business if they are close to the shoreline. Serious flooding can also be a problem when your property is not protected by a properly constructed seawall.

What Kind of Seawall Do You Need for Greenwich Ct?

The kind of seawall that you will need for your Greenwich, Ct property will depend on the force of the sea exerted on it. For properties exposed to the maximum forces of the sea, best approach is large concrete blocks set down to bedrock or deep in the soil. A sufficient option for areas with average forces is a seawall made of rocks and boulders. For minimum wave forces riprap is a good option. Riprap is a collection of concrete along with large and small rocks. An attractive feature of riprap is that you can plant these areas. In addition, riprap can be used on the seaward side of a concrete block seawall to reduce undercutting by action of the waves.

For a seawall to protect your Greenwich Ct shoreline property, within Long Island Sound or along the Hudson River, contact Salt of the Earth, Inc.

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