Seawall Construction Stamford Ct

Properties along the Long Island Sound are increasingly subject to erosion from the daily force of waves and especially from storm surges. Properties around Stamford, Ct have lost land to the sea and incurred substantial, costly damage. The answer to this problem is almost always the construction of a seawall. For seawall construction in Stamford Ct look to Salt of the Earth, Inc. We provide seawall construction and repair services in Long Island Sound and along the Hudson River.

Why Does Your Shoreline Stamford Ct Property Need a Seawall?

Shoreline property that is not protected by a seawall will typically erode due to storm surges or just the constant actions of waves. This reduces your property size and, if your home or business is close enough to the shoreline this will damage your foundation. And, with severe storms flooding can be a major concern if your property does not have a protective seawall.

What Kind of Seawall Do You Need for Stamford Ct?

Seawalls can be constructed of large concrete blocks set deep into the soil, ideally down to bedrock. This approach is best for areas that experience the strongest wave action. Walls constructed of rocks or boulders are an excellent choice for areas with slightly less wave action. A collection of small and large rocks and concrete blocks is called riprap and is good for areas with lighter wave action. These areas can be planted as well giving a more natural appearance to your shoreline. This approach can be used as an added protective measure in front of a concrete or rock wall in areas especially endangered by strong waves.

Depending upon the degree of erosion you are experiencing and the forces of nature acting on your property a concrete wall, small stone mortar seawall or a large dry boulder wall will be the wisest choice. We will assess your situation and recommend the best choice for your property. Our services include this assessment, wall design, and construction, including drainage solutions to prevent sinkholes and environmental stresses on your seawall.

Seawall Styles

Although the purpose of a seawall is to protect your property you would prefer that it adds to the attractiveness and value of your property and is not an eyesore. We are fully aware of this and take seawall style into consideration during the design phase of our work. But, seawall style is not just about how it looks. Curves seawalls can be constructed so that they deflect wave action and reduce the potential damage at the bottom of the seawall. Gravity seawalls are secured to rocks or bedrock with piles and ensure that the seawall is secure enough to resist the strongest storm surges as well as recurring wave action. This style commonly requires more reinforcement because of its rigidity.

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