Seawall Construction West Haven CT

Natural forces can be powerful and, under the right circumstances, result in damaging events. Few occurrences are stronger than oceans. These massive bodies of water possess the capacity to produce powerful waves capable of progressing offshore and destroying property like homes and businesses.

Fortunately, you can combat such events by hiring us to install a coastal defense known as a seawall. Salt of the Earth Inc. provides superior sea wall construction services in West Haven, CT. We have years of experience in this field, use high-quality materials, and our company is fully licensed and insured. What’s more? We will complete your project within the pre-set timeline.

Types of Seawalls That We Construct

There are three primary kinds of seawalls that we can construct for your home or business, depending on what you prefer and your budget. They are:


Also known as a stepped structure in engineering circles, a curved seawall protects beaches and adjacent property by redirecting ocean waves away from land and back into the water. They mirror the wave’s shape as it moves towards land.

Large waves gain speed while remaining in open water. However, as the wave crashes against a curved seawall, an appreciable percentage of its water travels across its curved edges and flows back into the open ocean. We often make curved sea walls from poured concrete, and they are effective when it comes to reducing scour.

Curved sea walls offer the best solutions to anyone looking to build a house in West Haven, CT. The best part is: These seawalls can last for many years to come without retouching.


Mound seawalls are high-built structures composed of formations, such as large rocks, concrete, or any other expansive or strong material capable of standing up against powerful ocean waves. Such constructions ultimately block water from penetrating its defenses and impacting adjacent coastlines. Mound seawalls are ideal for people who are looking for a cheaper option.


These seawalls are vertical defenses made up of sturdy materials like steel or concrete. We recommend this kind of breakwater anywhere the waves are higher than two meters. Vertical seawalls offer impressive resistance and durability.

What Determines the Cost of Seawall Construction

The average cost of your seawall construction will depend on the accessibility to the site, the building material we use, the length of the seawall, and the soil conditions. Seaside builds will also be required if the soil conditions can’t support construction equipment weight or the space between the structures on your property and the wall is not enough.

To know how much your seawall construction project will cost, you need to schedule an on-site estimate. Essentially, this allows our team of professionals to evaluate your home or business, measure the length of seawall you will need, and discuss building material options that suit your budget.

Ready for your seawall installation in West Haven, CT? Feel free to drop us a line; we offer a free no-obligation estimate.

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